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Protecting Your Interests In Divorce

At the Law Offices of Kelly G Lambert III, P.C., we know that divorce is not an easy thing to go through for anyone. Even so, we make the divorce process easier and less confusing for clients by giving each of them the personal attention they deserve. We also know that your divorce is unique. We will therefore meet with you, listen to you, and help you understand your divorce\family law rights and explain your legal options. We will then take the time to understand your divorce\family law situation and specific goals. This allows us to develop and work toward the divorce\family law solutions that are necessary.

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Divorce Planning: a Common Sense Approach to Divorce

In almost any endeavor in life, including divorce- good planning paves the way for good results. At the Law Offices of Kelly G Lambert III, PC, we help people decide whether divorce is right for them and if so, to identify their goals. We then develop a strategy to achieve those goals.   For the answers and information you need to make sound legal divorce or family law decisions with regard to your children and your future- call or contact us to schedule a free initial divorce or family law consultation with one of our lawyers.

What Does Divorce\Family Law Planning Involve?

The type of divorce or family law planning that needs to be done varies from situation to situation. What doesn’t change is the importance of doing it right or the effect it can have on major issues such as child custody, support or marital property division. In your case, our attorney will start by explaining what your divorce\family law rights are and help you to identify and set goals for the process. We will assist with financial planning, custody strategies and with the various other issues that divorce presents.

In general, it is a good ideal to gather financial documents such as tax returns, pay stubs, bank records, business records, loan statements, credit card statements and investment statements for asset protection purposes. Creating a list of the real estate and other property you own is also wise, as is reviewing any estate planning documents you have and making plans to revise them.  Because divorce can be such an emotionally charged life event to go through, it is very easy for people to lose sight of what’s really most important to them and to make poor decisions (hiding assets, moving out of the house, etc.) that negatively impact their case. Divorce planning can help people avoid these common mistakes. Similarly, without proper divorce\family law advice many clients find themselves facing unexpected domestic violence (DV) charges and personal protection orders (PPOs).

Both of these can result in a conviction record and incarceration.

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