Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Attorneys Located in Grand Rapids and Serving All of West Michigan

Domestic violence (DV) is a serious problem. You need a lawyer to protect your rights in cases involving domestic violence (DV). Call the experienced and dedicated professionals you will find at Law Offices of Kelly G Lambert III, PC.

Our attorneys stand by you throughout the process, and stand up for your rights and negotiations, in court or wherever your goals take us. For free consultation, call our offices directly or send us an e-mail that briefly describes your situation and concerns.

We offer experienced legal help for both civil and criminal issues.

Actual incidents or even the mere allegation of domestic violence (DV) can have both civil and criminal consequences. The mere allegation can affect your custody rights, employment, and divorce proceedings among other interests.

We also represent clients falsely accused of domestic violence (DV) by spouses trying to gain an unfair advantage in a divorce. Unfortunately the strategy can work if you don’t take the allegation seriously or if you try to defend yourself. If this is happening to you, our lawyers will fight extremely hard to vindicate you and protect your property, child custody and visitation rights.

If you been charged with a domestic violence (DV) related crime, our attorneys will fight to protect your rights and work hard to achieve the best possible outcome given the circumstances. We handle a variety of domestic charges (DV), including:

  • violating a restraining order or personal protection order
  • assault, assault and battery or aggravated assault
  • stalking, intimidation or harassment
  • making terroristic threats
  • marital rape
  • child abuse
  • criminal damage to property

At Law Offices of Kelly G Lambert III, PC we also help victims of abuse obtain both temporary and permanent personal protection orders (PPO). We understand the seriousness and urgency of your situation and we can provide the personal support and experienced legal representation you need for either type of case. We are also experienced at protecting your interest against an abusive spouse in divorce and custody situations. Allow us to protect you and your children’s best interest against an abusive spouse.

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