Drug Charges

Drug Charges Criminal Defense Attorneys Located in Grand Rapids and Serving All of West Michigan

A conviction on drug charges of any type can have very serious consequences. For instance, a juvenile with a drug conviction on their record may not be able to obtain loans for college. Similarly, an adult who has a drug conviction on their criminal record can be denied jobs and other economic benefits. At the Law Offices of Kelly G Lambert III, PC we understand the seriousness of your drug charge situation and will fight hard to protect your rights and future opportunities.

When questioned on drug charges, don’t say anything to the police or prosecutors. Take advantage of the more than 24 years of experience we have to offer instead. To schedule a free consultation, contact us directly at (616) 732-8888. You can also contact us online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Experienced Drug Charge Defense Attorneys

We represent people facing drug charges throughout Michigan. Our experience includes aggressive drug charge defense for:

  • possession of drug paraphernalia
  • drug possession, sales and distribution
  • operating a meth lab, drug manufacturing
  • illegal possession or distribution of prescription drugs
  • driving under the influence of drugs
  • juvenile drug charges
  • drug-related theft or weapons charges
  • cases involving weapons or school zone sentence enhancements

Whatever the drug charges you face, our lawyers will take the time to explain your rights and criminal defense options. If you decide that some type of plea would be in your best interest, we can work to help you achieve that goal. If fighting the drug charges is what you want, we will explore all possible defenses and challenge the evidence against you at every turn.

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