Internet Crimes

Internet Crimes Criminal Defense Attorneys Located in Grand Rapids and Serving All of West Michigan

Internet crimes are taken more seriously by state and local law enforcement agencies today than ever before. At Law Offices of Kelly G Lambert III, PC we put more than 24 years of experience on the side of people charged with Internet computer related crimes in Michigan. We are confident that we can help you too.

Don’t say anything to the police or prosecutors. Take advantage of the more than 24 years of experience we have to offer instead. To schedule a free consultation, call us directly at (616) 732-8888. You can also contact us online and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

How We Can Help

Whatever type of Internet crime you’ve been charged with, you can depend on us to aggressively protect your rights. For instance, we may be able to get the Internet charges dismissed or the charges dropped by proving that warrants or evidence were illegally obtained, or that there was police entrapment. In other instances, especially in child photography Internet cases, the state may simply not be able to prove the age of the person in the photographs.

In other Internet cases, we may be able to win by raising doubts about who had access to the computer or Internet or about the testimonies given by prosecution witnesses. In some cases, other defense options are available. We will explore all of your options. In some Internet cases, the best possible result might be a conviction on lesser charges or a more lenient sentence. In other Internet cases, your best option may be to proceed to trial. In all Internet cases, we will seek the best possible result and work diligently to help you achieve it.

Our attorneys can provide you with a strong Internet case defense against a wide range of Internet related crimes, including:

  • identity theft
  • credit card fraud
  • bank fraud
  • downloading or transmitting child photography
  • online solicitation of a minor

The sooner you contact us about an Internet crime you been charged with, or might be charged with, the better the chances will be to obtain a favorable result for you.

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