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Michigan has one of the most complex sets of liquor control regulations in the country. Virtually any business wishing to sell or serve alcohol within the state must complete a rigorous application process to be able to do so legally. If approved, businesses are closely monitored with violations possibly resulting in crippling fines or even the revocation of the license.

Applying for a Permanent License

Michigan has several types of liquor licenses depending on the type of establishment and proposed activity. Within these categories, there are strict quotas for how many licenses can be sold based on the local population. Your business may also need additional licenses to serve food or to provide certain types of entertainment. Our firm can help you determine which licenses to apply for, and, if quotas are full, assist with the purchase or transfer of a license.

Applying for a Temporary License

Special events including one-time gatherings or a business seeking to temporarily operate at a new location, such as outdoors, require a special event permit even if the business already has a liquor license.

Handling Violations

The law imposes heavy responsibilities on liquor license holders to ensure that patrons are kept safe and a nuisance isn’t created in the surrounding communities. Common violations include sales to minors, serving to an intoxicated individual, or illegal activities by patrons. If your business is charged with a violation, our firm can help you present any mitigating factors, such as steps you took to prevent violations, in an effort to reduce the potential penalties.

Experienced Liquor Control and Violations Lawyers

Our experienced attorneys regularly work with Michigan’s liquor control law and can help you understand its nuances. We can assist with

  • Liquor licenses for suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers
  • Specialty licenses for micro breweries, small wine makers, and small distilleries
  • Special event permits
  • Resolving violations

Free Initial Consultation

The Law Offices of Kelly G. Lambert III, P.C. represents West Michigan businesses seeking to apply for or renew a liquor license and those needing to appeal a violation. For assistance, call our Grand Rapids office at (616) 732-8888 or email

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