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A trust is a special type of estate planning tool that provides for the direct transfer of your property to your intended beneficiaries upon your death. While trusts are typically thought of as tools for the wealthy, they can actually help people at all income levels. Ask our attorneys whether a trust is right for you.

What Are the Benefits of a Trust?

Trusts have several potential advantages over wills.

  • Trust property is quickly transferred to the beneficiary with minimal paperwork rather than having to go through the probate process.
  • Because trusts bypass the probate process, your assets are not listed in public records and you are able to maintain privacy.
  • When properly structured, trusts may have tax advantages over wills.

How a Trust Works

Trusts are considered to be separate legal entities. When you create a trust, the property you put into the trust is no longer held under your own name but under the name of the trust. The fact that the property is no longer “your” property is why property held in a trust does not go through probate with any of your assets that were held outside of a trust. However, if you use a living or revocable trust, you can remove your property from the trust at any time during your life and use it however you want.

Creating a Trust

A trust is a legal form that must be carefully drafted to both meet your specific needs and to comply with the strict laws governing trusts. Additionally, if real estate, motor vehicles, or other property requires a deed or title, the deed or title must be properly transferred to the trust.

Experienced Trusts Lawyers

Our attorneys have years of experience creating trusts and handling other estate planning matters. Our trusts services include

  • trust creation
  • title transfers
  • trust modifications
  • tax planning

Free Initial Consultations

The Law Offices of Kelly G. Lambert III, P.C. can help you with your estate planning needs in Kent County, Ottawa County, and surrounding West Michigan. Contact our Grand Rapids office at (616) 732-8888 or email to schedule a free consultation.

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